Hi 👋🏽, I'm Robin Dalmy Tubungbanua
A Full Stack Developer who loves building things on Web.


A Senior Full Stack C# and Angular developer with specialization in Front End development. As of 2024, 6 years of experience and counting.


.Net Core
Next Js
Tailwind CSS
VS Code & Studio
Git & Github
Chrome DevTools
Cloud Platforms

Work Experience

  • AMCS
  • CoDev
  • Accenture
  • Vertere
Senior Software Developer @AMCS Group
February 2023 - January 2024

Developed rich user interactive web applications with specialization in Angular Development.

  • Designed and developed various features with rich user interactivity centered around Maps using Leaflet.Js and AG Grid. Resulted in significantly enhanced user interaction and advanced application usability.
  • Conceptualized and authored reusable and maintainable Angular Components, Services, and Directives resulting in reusability for core components across new features.
  • Expanded and coordinated Test Driven Development in Angular and .Net using Jasmine, Gherkin, and SpecFlow. This led to an increase in Unit and Integration test cases for new features and fixes.
  • Collaborated heavily with teammates on code design and maintainability streamlining updates and fixes due to the rehabilitated coding structure.
  • Explored and refactored Angular RxJs logic within various components and services diminishing potential memory leaks and improved maintainability within the application.

Full Stack C# Developer @Codev
July 2021 - February 2023

Worked as a Full Stack C#, Angular, iOS and Android developer for my client, CardExchange Solutions.

  • Enabled mobile access for HID readers by ejecting an Expo app to implement and integrate a third party SDK in both iOS and Android, exposing the functionality to React Native using React Native Modules.
  • Improved startup efficiency by up to 25% for their user-facing application by optimizing the Angular NgRx store and RxJs.
  • Worked with a team of 3 Full Stack Developers, the CTO and Senior Architect in conceptualization, design, and development to build several user-facing, robust, and maintainable features using Angular, .Net Core, and Entity Framework Core migrations for the web, and React-Native, Expo, iOS, and Android for mobile
  • Implemented optimizations for client-side image caching in Angular, which improved loading times by 60%.
  • Modernized the UI UX of the older features using SCSS.

Application Developer @Accenture
April 2019 - July 2021

Absorbed into Accenture from Vertere, and was also recruited for a project that used Python, Machine Learning, and RPAs to automate technical support workflows for an external client.

  • Received Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification in October 2020.
  • Led and implemented Logic Apps to offload heavy tasks from our service which led to a significant performance boost.
  • Initiated and maintained our GIT branching strategy and Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Development (CD) which increased our release efficiency.
  • Built an Error handling implementation in our APIs that reduced duplicate code throughout our service by up to 40%.
  • Created and implemented automation workflows and implemented Automation Anywhere.
  • Created and implemented python scripts to handle more complex data sets for the workflows.

Application Developer @Vertere
April 2018 - April 2019

Contracted for Accenture where I worked as a Full Stack developer using ASP.Net, AngularJs, T-SQL. I also designed and deployed several Azure Cloud Services, and designed and implemented Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

  • Built several robust and maintainable features that helped employees and project managers deal with their onboarding/offboarding more efficiently.
  • Led the team on optimizing various features due to the increase in projects which brought loading times down to 83%.
  • Led team in creating the production instance of both our AppService and SendGrid implementation.
  • Initiated and led the team onto utilizing Azure Slot Deployment setup. This decreased warm-up times from 3 minutes to less than 30 seconds and made the app highly available.
  • Initiated and implemented various architecture optimizations, and security enhancements to follow industry-standard principles like SOLID and DRY.

Ain't much, but it's honest work.

Built a few projects to fix a problem or to just try out new tech. All on

Mom and Me Clinic

A Mobile-first approach web application for a local clinic "Mom and Me Clinic". The website aims to showcase the clinic's Doctors, Services, and Location and provide a way to request an appointment within the site.

NextJS | Tailwind CSS | shadcn/ui | Netlify

SanicaSwim Order Form

A simple order form website for a local brand "SanicaSwim". Mobile-first approach and Integrates with Notion API to track and notify the client of new orders via Slack.

NextJS | Tailwind CSS | shadcn/ui | Netlify | Slack

YASC - Yet Another Salary Converter

An Angular web application that converts currencies and salary rates. Let's say you want to convert 80k USD per year to the equivalent Philippine Peso per month.

Angular | PrimeNg | PrimeFlex | SCSS | Netlify

Markdown Snippets for MDX and Docusaurus

This is a vscode extension snippet inspired by my lazyness to not memorize markdown symbols for Docusaurus with MDX. I didn't add the usual markdown snippets on here because vs code already has that built in.

VSCode Extension | VSCode Marketplace | YAML | JSON

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