Hi 👋🏽, I'm Robin Dalmy Tubungbanua
A Full Stack Developer who loves building things on Web and Mobile.


A Full Stack developer with specialization on C#, and Angular development... among other things.


.Net Core
Entity Framework
VS Code & Studio
Android Studio
Git & Github
SnailSvn & Svn
Chrome DevTools
Cloud Platforms
Azure AZ-900 Certified

Work Experience

4 years of professional software development experience and counting.

  • CoDev
  • Accenture
  • Vertere
Full Stack C# Developer @Codev
July 2021 - Present

Worked as a Full Stack C#, Angular, iOS and Android developer for my client, CardExchange Solutions.

  • Enabled mobile access for HID readers by ejecting an Expo app to implement and integrate a third party SDK in both iOS and Android, exposing the functionality to React Native using React Native Modules.
  • Improved startup efficiency by up to 25% for their user-facing application by optimizing the Angular NgRx store and RxJs.
  • Worked with a team of 3 Full Stack Developers, the CTO and Senior Architect in conceptualization, design, and development to build several user-facing, robust, and maintainable features using Angular, .Net Core, and Entity Framework Core migrations for the web, and React-Native, Expo, iOS, and Android for mobile
  • Implemented optimizations for client-side image caching in Angular, which improved loading times by 60%.
  • Modernized the UI UX of the older features using SCSS.

Application Developer @Accenture
April 2019 - July 2021

Absorbed into Accenture from Vertere, and was also recruited for a project that used Python, Machine Learning, and RPAs to automate technical support workflows for an external client.

  • Received Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification in October 2020.
  • Led and implemented Logic Apps to offload heavy tasks from our service which led to a significant performance boost.
  • Initiated and maintained our GIT branching strategy and Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Development (CD) which increased our release efficiency.
  • Built an Error handling implementation in our APIs that reduced duplicate code throughout our service by up to 40%.
  • Created and implemented automation workflows and implemented Automation Anywhere.
  • Created and implemented python scripts to handle more complex data sets for the workflows.

Application Developer @Vertere
April 2018 - April 2019

Contracted for Accenture where I worked as a Full Stack developer using ASP.Net, AngularJs, T-SQL. I also designed and deployed several Azure Cloud Services, and designed and implemented Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

  • Built several robust and maintainable features that helped employees and project managers deal with their onboarding/offboarding more efficiently.
  • Led the team on optimizing various features due to the increase in projects which brought loading times down to 83%.
  • Led team in creating the production instance of both our AppService and SendGrid implementation.
  • Initiated and led the team onto utilizing Azure Slot Deployment setup. This decreased warm-up times from 3 minutes to less than 30 seconds and made the app highly available.
  • Initiated and implemented various architecture optimizations, and security enhancements to follow industry-standard principles like SOLID and DRY.

Ain't much, but it's honest work.

Built a few projects to fix a problem or to just try out new tech. All on

HID Mobile React Native Bridge (Proof of Concept)

A React Native bridge module for iOS and Android that allows React Native to work with HID mobile's SDK for mobile access reader.

ReactNative | ReactNative Modules | Swift | Objective C | Java

Markdown Snippets for MDX and Docusaurus

This is a vscode extension snippet inspired by my lazyness to not memorize markdown symbols for Docusaurus with MDX. I didn't add the usual markdown snippets on here because vs code already has that built in.

VSCode Extension | VSCode Marketplace | YAML | JSON

SanicaSwim e-commerce

A headless e-commerce site using Commerce.js API. cloned from commercejs nextjs demo store. Currently still working on GCash and PayPal integration. Hosted in Netlify

Commerce.js | Next.js | SASS | Netlify

Quantum Cleaning Landing Page

A simple landing page to market a dishwashing soap business I have with my friends. using modernizrjs and @media screen to serve up next-gen responsive images. Hosted in Netlify

HTML | CSS | Javascript

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